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Welcome, Grauer Alumni!

A Grauer School diploma confers something special upon every individual, something instantly recognizable, like a great brand. And the network is growing into the hundreds. With this growth, the value of the Grauer diploma continues to gain in stature and distinction. Grauer grads are graduating from colleges of choice at rates that far surpass norms. They are moving into every field you can imagine, including, as you can guess: non-profits, technology, visual and performing arts, business, teaching … and, of course, parenting. The thing that does not seem to change is: you cannot typecast a Grauer student. They are courageous and imaginative.

The Grauer School Alumni Association was formally launched only recently, in 2013. Since then, our alumni have been sending us their key photos, milestones, and memories. In fact, we heard from one alumnus who was about to embark upon a trip to Africa to see the Grauer’s gorilla. We hope we will hear from you, too! Send us an update using the form on this page.

As major stakeholders, alumni are increasingly steeped in Grauer affairs. We currently have two alumni employees and three alumni parent board members. In fact, 8% of all charitable giving received at Grauer last year was from alumni, a new high. We know this will increase steadily as alumni move through life and are still able to retain the extraordinary sense of deepening they went through while coming of age at Grauer. We could not be prouder of our alumni.


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Grauer Alumni: Did you get married, graduate, start a new job, get a promotion, start a new company, have a baby, or do something else that is notable? We want to hear all about the exciting updates in your life. Please fill out the form below with a short summary and we will post it in the next newsletter.
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Latest News

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7th grade students were introduced to various STEAM concepts through our new 7th grade STEAM rotation program, building their familiarity with the Innovation Lab equipment and resources and allowing them to gain the confidence to pursue STEAM activities.