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"There’s no other school that has done as much as Grauer and we are endlessly amazed and inspired by your dedication to the safety and well-being of our children. You guys are simply the best!"
—9th Grade Parent

The Grauer School's Core Values

The Grauer School advocates six Core Values which we believe are integral to developing well-rounded students who are purposeful, confident global citizens. Each of these core values is of equal importance, and together they give a balance to everything that students accomplish during their time at Grauer. What’s more, they provide a compass for life.

Intellectual Curiosity

Virtual Open House: November 7

Everyone is invited to our Virtual Open House on Saturday, November 7 at 11:00am on Zoom. You'll be able to create your personalized Open House experience by choosing which sessions to attend, from learning about our academic programs and electives to taking a virtual tour of our beautiful campus. You'll also meet some of our amazing faculty and students.

For 30 years, learning outside the classroom has been at the heart of The Grauer School's philosophy, which makes us better prepared than other schools for the world's current challenges. The great outdoors isn't just inspiring - right now, it's also a safer place than the classroom. Our outdoor classrooms allow students and teachers to be together - emotionally, intellectually, and socially.

Click on the image below to download a copy of the Open House invitation (PDF-2 pages).


Create Your Personalized Open House Experience!

You can choose which sessions to attend, from the following options. Each of the sessions will be 20 minutes long, with a 10-minute break between the end of one session and the start of the next session.

11:00 am

How The Grauer School Creates Joy and Inspiration

Recognized as one of the nation’s best small college preparatory schools, The Grauer School has been redefining what a private school looks and feels like for 30 years.  Our School’s purpose is unique but simple – to teach and encourage students to become resourceful, intellectually curious and intrinsically motivated, perseverant, self-advocating, and accountable in a compassionate, college preparatory environment. At Grauer, learning outside the classroom has always been at the heart of our school's philosophy, which makes us better prepared for the world's current challenges. Join Dr. Stuart Grauer, Founder and Head of School, and Dana Abplanalp-Diggs, Principal, to learn what makes The Grauer School's philosophy so unique.  

Presenters: Dr. Stuart Grauer, Dana Abplanalp-Diggs
Moderator: Alicia Tembi, Session Host: Liam Murphy

11:30 am

Session 1A - Expeditionary Learning

Expeditionary Learning, a key school feature, is at the heart of a Grauer student’s experience. These week-long excursions are the source of laughter, learnings, and memories that last a lifetime. Come learn about the wide array of experiences offered each year. 

Presenters: Patricia Young, Jessi Brown, Mimi Robinson
Moderator: Jillian Bourdon, Session Host: Tom Hopper

Session 1B - School Tour and Student Experience

Take a fun virtual tour of our campus and learn about campus life at Grauer from our student ambassadors and our Admissions team. You'll be able to ask the students questions about the experience of what it's like to be a Grauer student.

Presenters: Grauer Student Ambassadors
Moderators: Olivia Kleinrath & Tricia Valeski, Session Host: Peggy Gardner

12:00 pm

Session 2A - Middle School Program

At The Grauer School, all facets of our educational programming are interwoven and foster connection, and our Middle School program is no exception! The primary goals of our approach emphasize student connectedness, the development of a sense of place and purpose within a relationship-based community, exciting curiosity through diversity of programming, using the world as our classroom, and nurturing a love of being in and caring for the outdoors.

Presenters: Paige Prindle, Dominique Bartoughian, Nick Scacco, Tori Faxon, Frida LeBreton, Fupen Huang
Moderator: Erin Langen, Session Host: Courtney Conway

Session 2B - High School Program and Post-High School Counseling

Join us for an introduction to High School at The Grauer School, including graduation requirements, post-high school planning, collaboration between classes and curriculum, Core Value Portfolios, senior portfolio presentations, athletics, and more!  

Presenters: Shelley Boniwell, Christina Burress, Peter Mannisto, Paulina Davis-Fisher, Fariba Farah
Moderator: Clayton Payne, Session Host: Dina Treibel

12:30 pm

Session 3A - Specialty Programs: Visual & Performing Arts, STEM, Athletics

The Visual and Performing Arts team will share an overview of course and club offerings in Music, Visual Art, Theatre, Film Studies, and more. You'll learn about STEM programs, including the Math and Science curriculum sequences, STEM electives, and STEM clubs and extracurriculars. You'll also learn about the Athletics program and sports that are available to Grauer Middle School and High School students. Come meet our Arts, STEM, and Athletics teachers and learn about the many ways that all of these programs are integral to our school culture.

Presenters: Isaac Langen, Erin Langen, Johnny King, Dina Treibel, Morgan Brown, Trevor Olson
Moderator: Lindsay Zickler, Session Host: Tom Hopper

Session 3B - School Tour and Student Experience (*REPEATED SESSION - see description above)

Presenters: Grauer Student Ambassadors
Moderators: Olivia Kleinrath & Tricia Valeski, Session Host: Peggy Gardner

1:00 pm

Session 4A - How The Grauer School Creates Joy and Inspiration (*REPEATED SESSION - see description above)

Presenters: Dr. Stuart Grauer, Dana Abplanalp-Diggs
Moderator: Alicia Tembi, Session Host: Liam Murphy

Session 4B - Chat with Admissions

Drop in for an informal chat and hang out with our Admissions team, Olivia Kleinrath and Tricia Valeski. You can ask them any questions you might have about our Grauer programs, and learn more about the next steps in the Grauer Admissions process.

Presenters: Olivia Kleinrath, Tricia Valeski


Let us show you how and why our students and teachers are so much better together!


After we receive your RSVP, we'll send the Zoom link information to access the event sessions to all registered participants. Please don't hesitate to reach out via email to admissions@grauerschool.com if you have any questions.

We look forward to seeing you at our Virtual Open House event!


Grauer Principal Dana Abplanalp-Diggs invites you to The Grauer School's Virtual Open House event!

This school has been amazing. The relationships students have with their teachers are unlike anything I've ever seen. Students feel valued and appreciated, yet they are also held to a high standard. Students feel they have a voice in their education and can participate in any sport or activity. I couldn't have asked for a better middle school and high school experience for my kids. They have grown into kind, confident, capable, and intellectually curious young adults. This is the BEST school!
—Grauer Parent & Alumni Parent