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Summer Enrichment Camps

Summer Enrichment Camps are designed to encourage intellectual curiosity and challenge students to try something new during the summer. Our camp instructors are all Grauer teachers or other adults who are experts in their fields, and you can be assured that your child will be closely supervised at all times.

We invite you to review all of the Summer Enrichment Camp programs that we offer below. The descriptions show whether the program is offered for Middle School students, High School students, or both Middle and High School students.

Summer Enrichment Camp Descriptions

Click on the images below to learn more about each of our Enrichment Camps.

Creative Writing Camp – "Tasting Inspiration"

Students will write poetry and prose while using their sense of taste and the five different flavors as inspiration for creativity: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami. 
(Middle & High School)

Culinary Camp: Adventures in Cultures of the World

Have you ever wanted to learn a new dish, or dive into a different culture and explore their recipes? Culinary Camp will expand our students' palettes as they learn new tastes from different parts of the world, while exploring the cultures of the area.
(Middle & High School)

Grammar and Vocabulary Intensive Camp

Boost your knowledge of the English language with this grammar and vocabulary intensive camp, and make yourself a better speaker and writer this summer!
(Middle School)

KidzToPros Camps

In addition to our middle school and high school offerings, The Grauer School be hosting KidzToPros (kidztopros.com) camp programs for our younger campers. (Elementary and Middle School)

Math Camp: Middle School Math/Algebra 1 Boot Camp

Middle School Math students will work on skills/areas/concepts they need to develop and learn ways to be more proficient in their areas of strength. Algebra 1 students will complete a thorough review of all the topics covered during a typical Algebra 1 full-year course.
(Middle & High School)

Math Camp: Middle School Math Boot Camp

Students will work on Math skills/areas/concepts they need to develop and learn ways to be more proficient in their areas of strength, all while having fun in a relaxed, playful environment.
(Middle School)

Performing Arts Camp: Dance Fitness

This two-week camp emphasizes movement and will combine multiple dance disciplines including ballet, modern, and jazz. Students will learn about flexibility, strength training, and choreography.
(Middle School)

Performing Arts Camp: The History of Rock Music

In this two-week intensive camp, students will learn about the history and evolution of modern music and rock. They will listen, discuss, and learn part of a popular song from each decade on whatever instrument they want to use. 
(Middle School)

Pottery & Handcrafts Camp: Loly Lutti

Loly Lutti Summer Pottery Camp will offer week-long sessions hosted at The Grauer School. This camp will focus on the art of ceramics, as well as other handcrafts, such as jewelry-making, book-making, and textile arts. (Elementary, Middle and High School)

Enrichment Camp Enrollment

This year's summer sessions are: June 21 to July 9 (Session 1) and July 11 through August 6 (Session 2). Standard enrollment for the first session closes on June 14, and enrollment for the second session closes on July 30. 

The cost of each camp is listed in the description. There is an enrollment minimum of 5 students and an enrollment maximum of 10, unless specified otherwise. We will offer the camps on The Grauer School's campus, in accordance with COVID-19 recommendations and guidelines put forth by the Department of Health. A non-refundable registration fee of $25 is required for all Enrichment Camps. If you are enrolling more than one student, please fill out a separate application form and medical form and submit a payment for each student you are enrolling.