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Math Camp

Summer Math Camps

Math and Algebra 1 Boot Camps

For Middle and High School Students
a calculator in a math book

Middle School Math Boot Camp

Enhance Your Math Skills in a Fun, Relaxed Environment

During the Middle School Math boot camp, students begin with an online assessment determining their areas of strength and growth. Each day of the week is then broken into 3 parts:

  1. Class work / review problems / mini lessons / problem solving / different mathematical approaches
  2. Online activities
  3. Classroom games for review of concepts and quick thinking skills

During the week the students have ample opportunity to work on skills and concepts they need to develop, and they will learn ways to be more proficient in their areas of strength, all while having fun in a relaxed, playful environment. Students are able to continue to utilize two of the online math resources after the week concludes for future practice.

This class is for Middle School students who will be entering 7th and 8th grades, and the cost is $250 per student. You can enroll online by clicking the button below, or download the medical & application form to mail-in your registration.

  • Second Session: (July 15-19, Daily 9-12) 






chalkboard with different mathematical equations on it

Algebra 1 Boot Camp

Learn Algebra Topics in a Friendly Relationship-Driven Environment

During the Algebra 1 Boot Camp, students have a thorough review of all the topics covered during a typical Algebra 1 full-year course. For each topic, students are presented with an option of either “review the concept” or “try some problems.” If they choose to review, the students are presented with an overview of the topic and several examples prior to trying some problems. After going over the problems together, we determine whether the student has mastery of that topic or whether it is an area for the student to come back and work more on later. We keep a tally throughout the list of all areas mastered and all areas needing extra practice.

In addition to reviewing concepts and practice problems, students are able to utilize two online math resources that they can continue using after the week concludes. The combination of brief lectures, example problems, and multiple online resources provides the students with a multifaceted review of the main Algebra 1 topics in a friendly, relationship-driven environment.

The cost for this camp is $250 per student. You can enroll online by clicking the button below, or download the medical & application form to mail-in your registration.

  • Second Session: (July 29 – August 2, Daily 9-12) 





Grauer Summer Enrichment Programs

In addition to our Summer Math Camps, all Grauer School Summer Enrichment Programs are designed to provide learning and, of course, fun throughout the summer! We help students explore their academic and creative interests in our unique, relationship-driven college preparatory environment.

Week-long Enrichment Programs are designed to encourage intellectual curiosity and challenge students to try something new during the summer. Our camp instructors are Grauer teachers or other adults who are experts in their fields.

Our week-long Enrichment Camps are available to middle and high school students throughout San Diego County, not just current Grauer School students. If you would like to learn more about our other Summer Enrichment Programs, For-Credit Academic Programs, and our registration policies, please visit our main Summer School page.

For enrollment questions, please send us a question using our online form, or you can contact our Summer School Director, Tricia Valeski, at triciavaleski@grauerschool.com or 760-274-2116.