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Summer School

The Grauer School’s summer school program is designed to provide learning, enrichment, remediation, and of course, fun throughout the summer! We specialize in helping students explore their academic and creative interests in our unique, relationship driven college preparatory environment.

We offer both week-long enrichment camps for middle and high school students as well as for-credit academic classes. All programs are available to students throughout San Diego County, not just current Grauer School students.

This year’s summer sessions are scheduled to run from June 25 through July 13 (with July 4th off in observance of Independence Day), and July 16 through August 3.

Standard enrollment for the first session closed on June 20. We still have openings in our second session programs - sign up soon, because enrollment for the second session ends on July 13! If you have any questions about Summer Camp programs, you can contact:

Tricia Valeski
Phone: 760-274-2116
Email: triciavaleski@grauerschool.com

We hope to see you this summer!

Week-long Enrichment Programs

Week-long enrichment programs are designed to encourage intellectual curiosity during the languid days of summer. The cost of each camp is shown in the camp descriptions below, and there is a $25 non-refundable enrollment fee. Enrolling in three camps qualifies families for a 5% discount on the total enrollment cost. Most camps have an enrollment minimum of 5 students and an enrollment maximum of 10, unless otherwise specified in the individual camp descriptions below.

Fun with Robots & Drones

STEM Middle School Camp

Join us for an exciting and fun-filled week of technology with Robots and Drones! This camp is for Middle School students entering 6th, 7th, and 8th grades in the fall, and the camp is open to Grauer students and students from other schools. Students are welcome at all knowledge levels, whether you’re just learning about robots, drones, and programming concepts for the first time, or if you already have some experience and want to learn more.

We’ll start off the week by programming LEGO Mindstorms robotic vehicles. Beginners will start with basic programming lessons, and more advanced students will refresh their knowledge and add enhancements to the robots. We’ll complete the Robot section with everyone running the robots through mazes and competitions together. This knowledge will give students a big head start if they’re interested in joining a First Lego League (FLL) team or similar robotics program at their school during the school year.

The Drone section of the class will start with programming lessons to learn how to make the drones fly. You’ll learn all about pitch, roll, and yaw, and learn to think like a drone pilot! We’ll start with block programming for basic drone commands, which is ideal for beginning programmers, and we'll move on to use more advanced commands to program the drone’s actions. Everyone will participate in fun activities with the drones, including flying through drone mazes.

During the week, everyone will learn about video production techniques that they will use to shoot video of their robot and drone maneuvers. For the final activity of the week, students will use multimedia programs to edit all of their video clips and create a spectacular video of their activities during the week.

This cost for this camp is $245 with an additional Materials Fee of $25, for a total of $270 per student. This camp has a maximum of 10 students, so sign up quickly to reserve your spot!

  • First Session: (June 25 – 29, Daily 9-12) - CLOSED
  • Second Session: (July 23 – 27, Daily 9-12) - ** SESSION IS FULL **

FTC Robot Construction Boot Camp

STEM High School Program

Join us for an exciting week of intensive FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Robot Construction! This camp is for High School students entering 9th through 12th grades in the fall, and the camp is open to Grauer students and students from other schools. Students are welcome at all knowledge levels, whether you’re just learning about robotics, or if you already have some experience on an FTC Robotics team and want to learn more.

During this weeklong Robotics Boot Camp, students will build a fully functional robot using FTC-approved parts and programming. Each student will learn all aspects of hardware and software design that goes into building an FTC robot. Students will work in small teams to design, build, and program an FTC robot from the ground up.

Learn more about the First Tech Challenge Program

FTC robots can be up to 18" in length. The robots will be built using the following parts:

  • Extruded Aluminum Frames
  • REV Expansion Hub Robot Controllers
  • Cell Phone
  • REV motors with encoders

This Boot Camp program is designed to provide a comprehensive overview so students will have a working knowledge of each aspect of the FTC Robotics program. This will give them a big head start if they’re interested in joining an FTC team or similar robotics program at their school during the school year, because they'll be able to step in and take on any of the roles in a robotics team with confidence.

This cost for this camp is $245 with an additional Materials Fee of $30, for a total of $275 per student. This camp has a maximum of 12 students, so sign up quickly to reserve your spot!

  • First Session: (June 25 – 29, Daily 9-12) ** SESSION IS FULL **
  • Second Session: (July 16 – 20, Daily 9-12)

College Application Preparation Program

For non-Grauer School students who will be Seniors in the Fall of 2018

The popular CAP (College Application Preparation) Program is a one-week summer workshop in which a Grauer college counselor walks students through the multifaceted and sometimes daunting college application process. This program is open to non-Grauer School students who will be Seniors in the Fall of 2018.

Students will receive one-on-one guidance to personalize their college application strategy. They will work on the following college application preparation activities during the week:

  • Develop an organizational system for keeping track of important dates and deadlines
  • Complete the Common Application, which is used by many colleges
  • Work on applications for University of California schools
  • Write application essays, and have their essays edited and critiqued
  • Receive direction in resume writing, to learn how to summarize their high school academic and extra-curricular achievements

This program will give college-bound students a valuable headstart on planning their college application process, and it will leave them with the confidence they need to pursue their college dreams.

This program costs $1050 per student.

  • Second Session: (July 30 – August 3, Daily 9-12)

Ocean Health & Surf Camp

Develop surfing & water safety skills, and learn about ocean stewardship

Students enrolled in Ocean Health & Surf Camp will develop surfing and water safety skills, while learning about ocean stewardship. After daily surf lessons, the students will obtain and test water samples, the results of which will be submitted to Blue Water Task Force for the safety of our coastal community. Students will also be receiving guest lectures from local experts on water safety and ocean ecology.

This class is for students in grades 7-12, and the cost is $245 per student.

Please Note: Both camp sessions are full, so this camp is no longer open for enrollment.

  • First Session: (July 9 - July 13, Daily 9-12) ** SESSION IS FULL
  • Second Session: (July 30 – August 3, Daily 9-12)

Spanish Immersion Camp

A week-long course in the fundamentals of Spanish

Send your student to Spanish Boot Camp! This is a week-long crash course in the fundamentals of Spanish. Whether your student has had some Spanish in the past and you’re concerned that they’ll lose it over the summer, or you want to give your student some exposure before embarking on their first year of Spanish classes, this is a great option.

In this immersion course, students will interact with one another and with the teacher in Spanish. We will spend our last day in Old Town State Historic Park, the site of the first permanent Spanish settlement in California. We’ll soak in the culture and history while we apply our skills in real-life situations.

The cost for this camp is $245 per student.

  • First Session: (July 9 – July 13, Daily 9-12)

Middle School Math Boot Camp

Enhance your Math skills in a relaxed, fun environment

During the middle school math boot camp, students begin with an online assessment determining their areas of strength and growth. Each day of the week is then broken into 3 parts:

  1. Class work / review problems / mini lessons / problem solving / different mathematical approaches
  2. Online activities
  3. Classroom games for review of concepts and quick thinking skills

During the week the students have ample opportunity to work on skills and concepts they need to develop, and they will learn ways to be more proficient in their areas of strength, all while having fun in a relaxed, playful environment. Students are able to continue to utilize two of the online math resources after the week concludes for future practice.

This class is for middle school students who will be entering 7th and 8th grades, and the cost is $245 per student.

  • First Session: (June 25 – 29, Daily 9-12) - CLOSED
  • Second Session: (July 16 – 20, Daily 9-12) - ** SESSION IS FULL **

Algebra 1 Boot Camp

Learn Algebra Topics in a friendly, relationship-driven environment

During the Algebra 1 Boot Camp, students have a thorough review of all the topics covered during a typical Algebra 1 full-year course. For each topic, students are presented with an option of either “review the concept” or “try some problems.” If they choose to review, the students are presented with an overview of the topic and several examples prior to trying some problems. After going over the problems together, we determine whether the student has mastery of that topic or whether it is an area for the student to come back and work more on later. We keep a tally throughout the list of all areas mastered and all areas needing extra practice.

In addition to reviewing concepts and practice problems, students are able to utilize two online math resources that they can continue using after the week concludes. The combination of brief lectures, example problems, and multiple online resources provides the students with a multifaceted review of the main Algebra 1 topics in a friendly, relationship-driven environment.

The cost for this camp is $245 per student.

  • First Session: (June 25 – 29, Daily 9-12) - CLOSED
  • Second Session: (July 16 – 20, Daily 9-12) - ** SESSION IS FULL **

For-Credit Academic Programs

The 21st century student is a year-long learner. Further, not every class is best suited for online or distance learning. By being an active member in one of our classrooms, students can get ahead or get caught up with for-credit academic courses, offered for students in grades 8 through 12. Courses meet UC standards and are approved by WASC. We hold students accountable to the same standards as we do during our normal academic year, so students are expected to demonstrate resourcefulness and self-advocacy.

Our summer school classes are open to students who are not attending the Grauer School full-time. Classes are limited to nine students, so it is important to enroll early. Classes with less than 3 students enrolled will not be offered.

English CoursesTimePricing
English 89-12, M-F$1,125 (1 semester)
$2,250 (Full Year)
English 99-12, M-F$1,125 (1 Semester)
$2,250 (Full Year)
English 109-12, M-F$1,125 (1 Semester)
$2,250 (Full Year)
English 119-12, M-F$1,125 (1 Semester)
$2,250 (Full Year)

Mathematics CoursesTimePricing
Algebra 19-12, M-F$1,230 (1 Semester)
$2,460 (Full Year)
Geometry9-12, M-F$1,230 (1 Semester)
$2,460 (Full Year)
Algebra 29-12, M-F$1,230 (1 Semester)
$2,460 (Full Year)
Pre-Calculus9-12, M-F$1,230 (1 Semester)
$2,460 (Full Year)

History CoursesTimePricing
World History9-12, M-F$1,125 (1 Semester)
$2,250 (Full Year)
U.S. History9-12, M-F$1,125 (1 Semester)
$2,250 (Full Year)

*A fee of $200 will be added to each semester of any class being taken for honors credit.


Students applying to take a full year of any course for the first time, or any honors-level course, must have a B- or better in both of the past two semesters of that subject area. A copy of the student’s last two report cards must be turned in with the summer school application. Be advised that attending two summer semesters (earning a year’s credit) is extremely demanding, for while it does not match the enrichment of the course that is offered during the school year, the rigor remains the same.

Transfer Credit

Grauer School units are accredited by the WASC. Units are only guaranteed if the student has permission in advance from his/her school guidance office to take the course. Acquiring permission is not the responsibility of The Grauer School or any of its representatives. Be mindful when registering as each school or district has its own transfer credit policy, and there may be a cap on transferable units. Transcripts will be mailed to your school one week after completion of course(s). Extra copies of transcripts cost $20 each.


Enrollment is limited in all for-credit academic classes. A $75 non-refundable registration fee is required to reserve your space for students new to The Grauer School for all for-credit classes and $25 for week-long camps. Final tuition is due May 4. Tuition is non-refundable after classes begin. Checks should be payable to The Grauer School, and mailed with a completed application to:

The Grauer School
Summer School
1500 S. El Camino Real
Encinitas, CA 92024


The registration fee is non-refundable.
Notification of withdrawal or changes must be made in writing to the Summer School Director.

There are no refunds after May 25. A refund of 90% of the tuition for any course may be obtained prior to May 25, 2017 by written request to Summer School Director Tricia Valeski at summerschool@grauerschool.com.


The Grauer School reserves the right to cancel a course due to insufficient enrollment. Cancellation of classes will be decided by June 8, and every effort will be made to find an alternate class selection. If an adequate alternative is not available, a 100% refund will be made including any registration fees.

For any questions, please contact Tricia Valeski, at (760) 274-2116 or summerschool@grauerschool.com.

Summer School Application Form