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Thank you for exploring our STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) program. The Grauer School motto, since 1991, is “Learn by Discovery.” Grauer is the home of the Loewy-Linz Innovation Center where our students put this motto into action every day—be sure to visit the Center when you're on campus. In addition to a full range of college preparatory STEM options, Grauer produces and hosts events year-round. Grauer robotics students have been world-champion robotics contestants five times and are known for creativity and ingenuity. We also believe in turning STEM into STEAM, by incorporating "A" for Arts in everything we do at The Grauer School.

Robotics - High School

The Grauer School Robotics Team, Shockwave Robotics #3848, competes in the First Tech Challenge (FTC) competition each year. All Grauer High School students are welcome to join the Robotics team.

Shockwave continues to be a key team in the San Diego region each school year. The Shockwave team promotes STEM in the community through outreach events to local elementary and middle schools, and serves the local robotics community by hosting a league meet and a league championship on The Grauer School’s campus.

Shockwave is always a fierce competitor in their local league meets and championship events, making it to the finals or semifinals on a regular basis, and earning a place at the San Diego Regional Championship tournament each year. Shockwave attended the 2017 FTC World Championships in Houston, which was the 5th time the team has gone to the top-level competition in their impressive 8-year history. The continued success of Grauer's robotics program is a testament to the dedication and commitment of The Grauer School to ensure that STEM is a priority for our students.

The team could not have achieved such success without their mentors and the gracious support of their sponsors - The Loewy Foundation, AFCEA, and The Grauer School.

Robotics - Middle School

Grauer's Middle School Robotics team, the Grauer GorilLegos #3195, competes in the First LEGO League (FLL) challenge each year. All Grauer Middle School students are welcome to join the Robotics team.

The First LEGO League challenge involves 2 different components that the students can choose to work on - the Robot Game and the Project. In the Robot Game, teams design, build, program, and test autonomous robots using LEGO Mindstorms technology. The robots are designed and programmed by team members to perform a series of missions during 2½ minute matches. The Robot Game playing field reflects the real-world theme for each season. In the Project, teams research a real-world problem in the field of each season’s Challenge theme. Then they create an innovative solution to that problem, and share their findings with others.

Grauer's Middle School Robotics program provides a fun and educational way to learn about robotics, basic computer programming, robot building techniques, and teamwork.

“The Grauer School has an amazing ability to attract top people who work for the love of teaching. The school has given me a tremendous amount of freedom to pursue knowledge and experiences far beyond that of a typical high school, and has challenged me to explore my interests in great depth.”
–CL, Rice University Alumnus

Computer Science

In order to prepare today's students for a world that is rapidly advancing technologically, they will be expected to posses a wide range of skills beyond just knowing how to use a computer. Coding, or more appropriately, thinking through code, is one of these critical skills. The Computer Science class at Grauer introduces basic concepts using web-design languages—HTML and CSS—before moving on to actual programming languages, like JavaScript, Python and Java. Students are also given project opportunities to explore their own coding interests in small teams while developing supplementary skills, such as project management, graphic design and user experience.

Projects completed by Computer Science students included:

  • Web Portfolios
  • Multi-Player Gaming
  • Rhythm Gaming (Music-based games)
  • Open-World Environments
  • Productivity Apps
  • Artillery Gaming
  • Calculators

Intellectual curiosity is one of Grauer's core values, and it has the added benefit of helping to evolve the Computer Science course over time as students bring new ideas and interests to class.

Engineering Design

The Grauer School Engineering Design class focuses on design choices, project planning, and building some really cool projects!

Students begin by learning the engineering design process to find solutions to classroom problems that teachers or students may face in their day-to-day work. Design challenges are created around these issues and students use tools, machinery and materials in our studio to build their products. In the second semester, this design process is extended to more complicated builds, including mathematical calculations and multiple prototypes. Some of the final projects completed by Engineering Design students include a fully functioning ROV with HD camera feed and 3-axis steering, and human-powered pushcarts.

Read about our senior graduation portfolios

“The creativity and resourcefulness I had was unlocked at Grauer. I loved the connections with teachers.”
—KH, Alumna