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Expeditionary Learning

One of the key features of an education at The Grauer School is our renowned, worldwide Expeditionary Learning program. Grauer students learn at least as much outside the classroom as in. Students spend at least two weeks each year outside the school walls "on expedition." Plus, all classes integrate experiences in the natural world and across cultures. Expeditions offer valuable opportunities to practice the Grauer Philosophy of resourcefulness, compassion, and humanitarian service, as well as broaden students’ education. Arts, culture, geography, physical and social challenges, community service and student reflection are all parts of the Expeditionary Learning experience.

Expeditionary Learning activities may include school exchanges, cultural immersion, hiking, camping, backpacking, diving, climbing, paddling, riding, communing with nature, volunteering, collecting data and folklore, and team building. Finding a way to make a contribution to the area or the travel group is the essence. Reading, lectures and activities precede the trip, while team meetings, gratitude circles, and other closure activities continue the learning after students return.

Grauer School students have traveled all over the United States and the world. One-week expeditions take place each fall and spring, and students choose from among several options. At least one middle school trip and one high school trip are included in tuition. Other options may require additional tuition. Local options are available for students who are unable to travel.

Ultimately, expeditionary learning comes to mean something personal and intrinsic for every Grauer student and faculty member.

"Whether it be writing a proposal for an expedition, creating an original song, coming up with a science project, or starting a club, there are people at Grauer who will jump on board and support you every step of the way.”
—SK, Class of 2013

Expeditions Across the United States

  • Alaska Exchange with Nanwalek Native American tribe
  • AstroCamp Astronomy Camp
  • "Back to Our Roots" Camping Trip - Northern California
  • Bay Area’s Marin Headlands Expedition - Northern California
  • Boston Area Colleges Tour
  • Boundary Waters Canoe, Camping, and Ecology Expedition
  • Catalina Island Expedition
  • Chicago Area Colleges and the Arts Expedition
  • Colorado Rockies Service and Cross Country Ski Tour
  • Fashion, Math & Service Intensive - Los Angeles
  • Grand Canyon/Sedona Expedition - Inspirations in Nature
  • Grauer School Film Expedition - Northern California
  • Joshua Tree Expedition
  • Kona Adventure/Ecology Expedition - Hawaii
  • Lake Powell Adventure Expedition
  • Majestic Mammoth Mountain Expedition
  • "Me to We" Service in Seattle Expedition
  • Mind, Body, Spirit: A World Religions Intensive - Northern California
  • Navajo Nation Cross Cultural Exchange
  • New Orleans Music and Service Expedition
  • New York Colleges Tour
  • Pacific Northwest Expedition - Paddling With Orcas in the Channel Islands
  • Pali Institute
  • Parliament of the World Religions Trip - Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Pine Ridge Indian Reservation
  • Pinnacles National Monument Camping Trip
  • Point Reyes National Seashore Ecology and Teambuilding
  • Portraits of California Expedition - Northern California
  • Sacred Zion Expedition
  • San Diego Day Trips: The Culinary Arts
  • San Diego Community Service Expedition: Day Trips
  • San Diego Histórico Expedition: Day Trips
  • San Francisco "Poetry & Lights" Expedition
  • Santa Cruz Mountains Camping & College Tour
  • Santa Fe Origins Expedition
  • Surf Team Intensive: Day Trips in Southern California
  • Tennessee Music Expedition
  • Washington DC Expedition
  • West Coast Music Singer Songwriter Performance Intensive
  • West Coast Soul Surfing: Surf and Religion Exploration
  • Wild At Heart: Survival in the City & Beyond
  • Wild West Ranch and Farm Adventure
  • Yellowstone National Park
  • Yosemite National Park

Expeditions Around the World

  • Bahia de los Angeles Expedition
  • Barcelona Foreign Language Immersion School
  • Botswana Expedition
  • China Cultural Exchange, Beijing/Shanghai
  • Costa Rica Rainforest Ecology Expedition
  • Cuba Expedition
  • Greece Expedition
  • Guanajuato “Habitat” Home Building Project
  • Guatamala Altiplan Exchange and Stove-Building Project
  • Jerusalem – Roots of World Religion
  • Mexico - Regular Service Trips to our Neighbor
  • MEXpedition - Spanish Language Intensive - Mexico
  • Northern European Artist and Galleries Tour
  • Panama Surf & Service Expedition
  • Tanzania Expedition

Watch our video below of past expedition locations around the globe!

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"As a parent of a Grauer Grad, we quickly realized that the education at The Grauer School was not a simple high school education in core and elective subjects, but a way for our kids to develop the confidence and the character to make them respected leaders in their future communities."
—PW, Alumni Mother