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A Private School Education

At The Grauer School in Encinitas, we believe a private school education based on balance creates the most fertile ground for our students to grow as learners and leaders. To facilitate this balance, our curriculum combines rigorous academic expectations in science and technology-based disciplines with unbridled artistic expression, global cultural appreciation, and physical health and wellness programs.

As the worldwide leader in the small schools movement, we believe a private school education should provide our students with the best opportunities to succeed and to find personal purposes. We accomplish this by placing emphasis on each child as an individual learner with his or her own unique styles and skills. We welcome you to learn more below about how choosing a private school education with The Grauer School can benefit your child in all of these ways and more.

Best Schools in San Diego County

Since 1991, The Grauer School remains committed to its leadership role in redefining education for the best schools in San Diego County to follow. Our six-acre, green campus in coastal Encinitas is home to academic achievers and social agents for change of all backgrounds and walks-of-life, who all share the passion and compassion necessary for responsible leadership regardless of their individual academic, career and life paths.

Our pedagogical methods and curricular delivery styles have been proven time and again to facilitate a private school education with the power to change the lives of our students, faculty, families, and community members, infusing them with a sense of ecology for a lifetime.