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Successful Grauer School students complete the “a-g” admission requirements of the University of California, and participate in enrichment far beyond what is available at most schools. All courses are approved by the UC eligibility system, and meet the criteria for NCAA (collegiate) sports.

Our academic programs are offered within a whole-child, humanitarian approach to education. Students are required to complete 50 hours of demonstrable community service and five weeks of Expeditions before graduation.

To learn more about Expeditions, click here

Final exam weeks are held each semester (at the high school level). The Grauer School offers a six-week summer session for students needing academic coursework or desiring enrichment opportunities.

Academic Courses

The Grauer School meets, and normally exceeds, all requirements for graduation in the State of California and for acceptance into the University of California (“a-g requirements”).

Honors course work is offered in all academic and elective subject areas upon approval of the director and guidance counselor. Honors courses represent the highest academic challenge at The Grauer School, and are valued highly by all universities.

Honors work substantially enriches the regular curriculum; students probe subjects with greater depth and demonstrate a higher level of independent scholarship—hence, the School prefers these to AP courses which are comparatively rigid and receive equal credit. Students wishing to obtain college credit are placed in concurrent enrollment at a nearby college.

National Honor Society

Membership into the National Honor Society is an honor bestowed to students who exhibit outstanding scholarship, service, leadership, character and citizenship. Our specific eligibility requirements include a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.75 (unweighted), a minimum of 12.5 hours of community service per year, and being an excellent role model in the school and community. Once selected, members have the responsibility to continue to demonstrate these qualities.

Common Core

The Grauer School follows the Curriculum Frameworks developed by the California Department of Education. These frameworks are aligned to both Common Core and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Common Core is a public school construct not required or always advisable for independent schools — however, Grauer generally aligns with it. We derive inspiration from the Common Core curriculum, including integrated learning and writing, extended conversation, and inquiry-based learning.

All of The Grauer School's adopted textbooks have been approved by the State of California to follow these frameworks. The Grauer School's curriculum is approved by the University of California and meets its rigorous "a-g" standards for admission, and we have the same accreditor (WASC). Our high school curriculum also meets NCAA requirements.

The Grauer School follows all mathematics curriculum frameworks, yet still divides our high school mathematics progression into Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-calculus, and Calculus rather than a series of Integrated Math classes.


We offer 140 courses for just 150 students. Classes are on a modified block schedule. Students attend two, two-hour sessions of integrated subjects each morning, which include a humanities block with English and social science, and a technologies block with physical/biological science and math. Afternoon classes are divided into two elective periods, one for 50-minutes, and the following 100 minutes.

Independent Studies

The Grauer School offers a flexible independent studies program, including online, hybrid, tutored, and collegiate concurrent enrollment options.

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