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The Grauer School, one of San Diego’s premier prep schools, was founded in 1991 by Dr. Stuart Grauer to give teens a voice. Our students have matriculated to the nation’s finest colleges and universities. Our campus and diverse programs accommodate approximately 150 students in grades seven through 12.

Students spend their days in a Socratic environment on our green, six-acre campus in Encinitas, California. We want our students to try classes for fun, make mistakes, follow a passion, and do things that they are drawn to, rather than plotting out a preordained or controlled path. We believe they will achieve more enduring outcomes and passions in this way, and develop values like personal motivation, freedom, and courage.

A visit here could easily change the way you see great education

By The Numbers

96% Acceptance rate to the

top two colleges of choice

176 Sister schools worldwide

(UNESCO Associated Schools)

41Countries students
have travelled to on expeditions

Top 10 Places to work in the U.S.

-Outside Magazine

70% Student body participation in team sports

Grauer Events

Meyer Hall

Everyone is invited to a High School Theatre Project presented by Grauer's Theatre Department.

When: Thursday, May 31 at 6:30pm
Where: Meyer Hall
What: Feiffer's People by Jules Feiffer
Who: Upper Class High School Theatre students directing our 9th & 10th grade actors. Produced by Erin Langen.
Why: To give our Juniors and Seniors the opportunity to direct, and to allow all the actors one more time on stage this year.
How Much: Free!!

Feiffer's People, originally produced in 1968, features a familiar Feiffer collection of bright, energetic, hopeful people who greet the world with a smile, only to discover that the world not only doesn't know they exist, but doesn't care in the least. Bickering couples, crazy chance meetings, awkward egos and turns of events. Black humor mixes well with Feiffer's take on life. The resulting hurt is traumatizing, but also often very, very funny.
Read More about High School Theatre Project, 6:00pm