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Justice Center

The vision for a new arts center was conceived as a part of our ambition to provide indoor, multipurpose space for gatherings in dance, artistic/theatrical performances, and exercise. It was simple: Just a hardwood floor for movement and gathering of all kinds. In schools, when they flourish, the arts encourage our highest intellectual, aesthetic, and affective instincts that naturally motivate people and nourish and express their diversity.

The Justice Center allows us to offer indoor “wood floor” classes and clubs, such as:

  • dance
  • theatrical performances
  • martial arts
  • meditation
  • exercise and yoga
  • “café” events
  • and even lanai-side barbecues …for the culinary arts!

An exciting addition to this dream will be campus's signature bell tower, a defining and classic feature of our completed quad.

Donate to the Justice Center Fund

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