Personal and Academic Guidance

Our personal and academic guidance objectives are to promote the development of successful individuals as they become more resourceful as learners. We know that students respond positively in an environment that meets their learning needs. As a result, we closely monitor and evaluate students to ensure that positive behaviors are identified and rewarded to maximize performance and overall development of each student.

We provide individual and small group guidance in the areas of life skills, goal-setting, problem-solving, and character education. We cover topics including health and safety, personal and physical growth, teen issues, alcohol and drug use and abuse, and nutrition.

Encouragement of positive behaviors is at the root of our personal and guidance program, which bolsters the dignity and worth of all individuals. We reward mature choices made by students in their efforts to become resourceful learners and individuals. Accurate, frequent encouragement enables students to create and meet meaningful life goals.

Our personal and academic guidance program is overseen by Tricia Shemwell, who holds master’s degrees in education, guidance and educational counseling, and has earned credentials in teaching and in college counseling.