College and Counseling

The Grauer School faculty and staff are true partners with your family as you navigate the path to college and beyond. Our personalized environment enables us to know our students’ strengths, growth areas, likes, dislikes, goals and dreams. We have intimate knowledge of the social and academic needs of maturing adolescents and young adults. Our objective is to help students develop as successful and resourceful learners and community members. College and academic counseling is an integral part of that development, and is one of The Grauer School’s key strengths.

Our guidance and college counseling programs foster the development of integrated, successful individuals in their efforts to become more resourceful, compassionate, self-motivated, and prepared for college and beyond.

Admission to a student’s college of choice is one of the core concerns of every family who attends The Grauer School. Each student at our school is part of an enriched path which includes mastery learning and honors options in all academic areas, and culminates in graduation with distinction in a select area. Students choose from nearly 150 courses, and will experience humanitarian expeditions around the globe along with the region’s most successful community service program. These factors enable most Grauer students to gain acceptance to and obtain scholarship money from more colleges than they expected. This is a common occurrence at our school.