Annual Fund 2012

Annual Fund:

The Annual Fund is an annual fund raising drive that provides direct support to the Grauer School’s operating budget.  It is essential to the everyday functions of the School and is Grauer’s top fund raising priority

The Annual Fund sustains our “Learn by Discovery” approach by enhancing academics, the arts, athletics, and technology. The fund also supports our extremely talented and dedicated faculty by providing the resources they need to bring outstanding educational opportunities to our students.

What to expect:

· All current parents, grandparents, alumni, alumni parents, Board of Trustee members, faculty and staff, and friends of the School are solicited for the Annual Fund.
· The Annual Fund runs annually from September to December.
· Grauer aims for 100% participation from all constituencies. Gifts of any amount are
appreciated and vital to the fiscal health of the School.


Q: Why are we asked to give money when we already pay tuition?
A:      There is a sizable gap between the School’s operating budget and the amount of money brought in by tuition. The margin of difference between the overall gap and the amount of income produced by these revenues is approximately 20% of the total budget. Voluntary giving to the Annual Fund accounts for 70% of this difference. Support of Parents Association events covers the remaining 30%, with these funds being restricted to Financial Assistance and Professional Development.

Q:      Why does the school operate with a gap between the real cost and what it charges?
A:      The gap helps to moderate tuition increases and allows current families to make up the difference in cost with tax-deductible donations.   The gap offers an opportunity for other constituencies within the Grauer community to make charitable contributions.

Become an Annual Fund Volunteer:

The backbone of the Annual Fund is a strong team of parents, alumnae, grandparents, alumnae parents, faculty, and staff volunteers. Please contact the Development Office to learn more about how to get involved in this exciting effort today!