Tuition and Financial Assistance


Estimated approximate tuition range for the 2014 – 2015 academic year is:  $22,000 – $23,500.

(For International, ESL, or I-20 students, please call for pricing.)

Tuition includes all academic, athletic and arts programming, along with most field trips, comprehensive college placement counseling, and a twice-annual, week-long Expeditionary Learning program.  (Annual Enrollment Fee adds $1700-$2200.)

Tuition does not include lunch. Students may bring their own lunch or purchase it from our on-campus lunch vendor, Ki’s Natural of Cardiff.

Tuition also does not include transportation to or from school. Families are encouraged to carpool to conserve energy and resources. Parents have access to a message board to search for other families wishing to carpool.



Scholarship & Financial Aid

The Grauer School invites applicants to apply for scholarship and financial aid based upon a combination of demonstrated financial need,  student leadership, and scholarship. Our financial assistance process begins with filling out an application with the Independent School Management’s Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST). The application will require families to submit detailed income and expense information, and to submit their latest tax returns. This information is confidential as are all financial awards, and confidentiality is important in our efforts to develop a culture at the school which is both egalitarian and diverse.

Before your application can be considered, you must enter the following information into FAST’s “Family Letter” field:
• GPA for last four semesters
• Student’s community service hours over the past year
• Total potential contribution of grandparents or other interested parties
• Offers of volunteerism

In addition, since not all families of capacity show significant income, the wealth and assets of applicant families’ are important considerations.

The deadline for completing scholarship and financial aid applications has passed.  Please call the admissions office (760-274-2116) if you would like to request financial aid for the 2014-2015 school year.