International Applicants

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Hello, Aloha, Salaam, Gruss Gott, G’day Mate, Hola and Shalom!

The Grauer School issues the I-20 to qualified international students for admission. The Grauer School welcomes international applications and recognizes that international students contribute substantially to the culture of the school.

Note International applicants must complete the International Application (please fill out the Admissions Inquiry Form to obtain the application), and provide a non-refundable application fee of $150.

International Student FAQ

1) The Grauer School does not provide homestays for our international students. The student’s family should make all homestay arrangements privately. The Grauer School is happy to offer suggestions as to how the family might go about finding a homestay.


2) Proof of guardianship needs to be submitted to the school prior to the first day of classes. The guardian should be a relative or friend, over the age of 25, who is designated official guardian in a letter signed by both the student’s parents. The guardianship letter should include the full name, address, phone number (home, work, and mobile), and email address of the guardian.

3) Proof of medical insurance. While proof of medical insurance is not required for an F1 Visa, it is a requirement of The Grauer School that the student have medical coverage during their enrollment at Grauer, even during school breaks. Healthcare in the United States may be very different from what our international students are accustomed to in their country of origin. The costs associated with medical care for a serious injury or illness, for instance, can be financially catastrophic for a family, and it is important that families protect themselves from this possibility. Most of our international students secure health insurance through ISOA. Proof of Medical Insurance must be submitted to the school annually, before the first day of classes.

International Students Pic 24) Proof of immunization. The Grauer School abides by the laws of the State of California with regard to immunization of students. Proof of immunization needs to be submitted to the school before the first day of classes. For a list of vaccines needed to attend school in California, please download this form. If immunizations are contrary to the personal or religious beliefs of the parents, they will need to sign a Personal Belief Exemption form. Please inform the school if you require this form and we will send it to you. If immunizations are not advisable because of a medical condition, an official statement from a licensed medical doctor must be sent to the school.

For inquiries/additional questions, contact