Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal in admissions is to help families identify and understand the philosophy and culture of The Grauer School in order to determine whether these characteristics fit with their own educational goals and priorities. We hope that, through the admissions process, families will learn what is truly extraordinary about The Grauer school, and what differentiates us from other independent, college-preparatory programs.

How many students are accepted into each grade?
Our optimal class size is about 12 students. We have approximately 25 students in each grade level (divided into two class sections). We usually fill 24 openings in seventh grade and eight openings in ninth grade. Grades other than seventh and ninth typically have few openings because our attrition rate is very low, and applications for those grades are considered on a space-available basis.
Does The Grauer School require an entrance exam?
The Grauer School does not require applicants to take an entrance exam, such as the ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam). However, students who wish to share their ISEE results with us can select The Grauer School as a score recipient. Our school code is 570045. Please remember, this is completely optional.
What is the student-teacher ratio for each grade?
The ratio is about six students to one teacher. Grades seven and eight are capped at 14 students per class. In grades nine through 12, classes are capped at 12 students. Various courses have smaller enrollments.
Is there a uniform or dress code?
There is no uniform for students at The Grauer School. Students are expected to dress in a respectful manner. Cleanliness, neatness and simplicity are required of all students. The school’s dress code is available in the student handbook.
What are the school's hours?
Middle school begins at 8:20 am each morning and ends at 3:00 pm. Friday afternoons feature special activities for middle school students, where they spend time on or off campus in group activities or special interest classes.

High school begins at 8:30 am and ends at 3:00 pm. On Fridays, high school dismissal is 1:30 pm and 4:00 pm, depending on each student’s individual learning needs and goals. All work must be completed and at mastery level before students depart on Fridays. Teachers frequently hold office hours for students who need help for any reason.

Do you offer before and after school care?
Care is not available before school. Our 3 to 5 homework program offers aftercare daily until 5:00 pm. Students with an occasional need may drop in at no charge. Most students also participate in clubs, sports, and other extracurricular activities that are offered after school and are included in the tuition.
What are the student lunch options?
Students can bring their own lunch each day, or you can purchase lunches from Ki’s School Lunches so your student’s lunch will be served to them at The Grauer School. Ki’s offers a choice of over 20 different entrees every day, with each lunch consisting of an entrée, optional vegetables and fruit, dessert, and water.
Can we carpool with other families?
Families are encouraged to carpool to conserve energy and resources. Parents have access to a message board to search for other families wishing to carpool.