Summer School 2015

Week-Long Enrichment Programs

For Credit Courses

The Grauer School’s summer school program is designed to provide year-long learning, enrichment, remediation, and of course, fun! We specialize in helping students explore their academic and creative skills in our unique, relationship driven college preparatory environment.

As part of a small school advantage, we offer both week-long enrichment camps for middle and high school students as well as for-credit academic classes to students throughout San Diego County, not just matriculated Grauer School students.

This year’s summer sessions are scheduled to run from June 22-July 10 (first semester) and from July 13-31 (second semester).

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Standard enrollment begins April 14 and closes June 12. Priority enrollment is open from February 16 – April 13 and includes a 5% reduction in tuition.

Week-long Enrichment Programs

With curriculum written by our caring, dedicated staff, our week-long enrichment programs are designed to encourage intellectual curiosity during the languid days of summer. The cost of each camp is $225 per week with a $25 non-refundable enrollment fee. Enrolling in three camps qualifies families for the discount rate of $600. There is an enrollment minimum of 5 students and an enrollment maximum of 9.

Middle School Math Boot Camp

During the middle school math boot camp, students began with an online assessment determining their areas of strength and growth. Each day of the week is then broken into 3 parts: 1) class work / review problems / mini lessons / problem solving / different mathematical approaches, 2) online activities, 3) classroom games for review of concepts and quick thinking skills. During the week the students have ample opportunity to work on skills/areas/concepts they are weak in as well as learn ways to be more proficient in their areas of strength all while having fun in a relaxed, playful environment. Students are able to continue to utilize two of the online math resources after the week concludes for future practice.

  • First Session: (June 22-26, Daily 9-12)
  • Second Session: (July 20-24, Daily 9-12)

Algebra 1 Boot Camp

During the Algebra 1 Boot Camp, students have a thorough review of all the topics covered during a typical Algebra 1 full-year course. For each topic, students are presented with an option of either “review the concept” or “try some problems.” If selecting review, the students are presented with an overview of the topic and a couple of examples prior to trying some problems. After going over the problems together, we determine whether the student has mastery of that topic or whether it is an area for the student to come back and work more on later. We keep a tally throughout the list of all areas mastered and all areas needing extra practice. In addition to reviewing concepts and practice problems, students are able to utilize two online math resources that they can continue with after the week concludes. The combination of brief lectures, loads of example problems, and multiple online resources provide the students with a multifaceted review of the main Algebra 1 topics in a friendly, relationship driven environment.

  • First Session: (June 22-26, Daily 9-12)
  • Second Session: (July 20-24, Daily 9-12)

Geography Boot Camp

Throughout week, students will learn how to use maps to identify both physical features and political boundaries, develop a working understanding of country locations and regional specifics, and create their own maps. Each day, students will work with a different region, focusing on the countries, specific features, cultural practices, and fun facts. Regions include, but are not limited to: Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and North and South America. There will be quizzes in addition to online and hands-on activities.

  • First Session: (June 29- July 3rd, Daily 9-12)

Poetry Boot Camp

Week 1 The SensesStudents will approach creative writing through each of the five senses and find a new way to express what they “see” in the phenomenal world. Each day is a new interaction with one of the senses. We will write original poetry and prose as a collaborative effort and as a solitary act.

Week 2 – The Elements Students will learn about interconnectedness by noticing how the elements exist in all things. They will learn about the basis of life and write from this beginning. We will examine other traditions, poets, and philosophers and read their work. Students will write original poetry and create characters corresponding to Earth, Fire, Air, Water, and Space.

  • First Session: (June 22- June 26)
  • Second Session: (June 29-July 3rd)


Explore the world of Printmaking.  Printmaking encompasses a wide range of techniques including Silkscreen, Relief Printing (Woodcut, Linocuts), Intaglio (Etching, Engraving, Drypoint), Monotypes, and digital.  In this introductory course we will learn the basics of Printmaking.  We will carve different surfaces including woodcuts and linocuts.  The week will not be complete without designing and silk-screening your own t-shirt!

  • June 22 – June 26

Painting & Mixed Media (open to adults)

Exploring the world of Painting and Mixed Media.  In this course students will paint with acrylics on canvas, watercolor on watercolor paper.  We will explore mixing mediums including acrylic paint, graphite and charcoal on wood, book pages, and other non traditional drawing surfaces.

  • July 6 – 10

 Art Workshop

This year’s art intensive workshop is a week of pure fun, challenging student artistic abilities and pushing drawing skills. Each day is dedicated to different themes, allowing the students who are building an art portfolio for college to add several new work to their portfolios. The week may include: studying light by creating still life drawings, watercolor, perspective (as we create three dimensional drawings), painting from life, outdoor art, and more. Even photography, if that’s your passion!

  • Week 1 (Contemporary Artists): July 20 – July 24
  • Week 2 (Artists of the World): July 27 – July 31

Music Camp

Stay tuned for Jazz ensemble and music writing offerings


For some students, online learning is the most efficient way to complete a course during the summer. However, just because it’s online, that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. For students taking online classes through their local district or from a college, Grauer teachers are available to help make the most of your experience: help when you need it, feedback when you want it. We have the flexibility to schedule single or multiple sessions per week to enrich online classes. Tutoring at the Grauer School is $55 per hour.

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For-Credit Academic Programs

The 21st century student is a year-long learner. Further, not every class is best suited for online or distance learning. By being an active member in one of our classrooms, students can get ahead or get caught up with for-credit academic courses, offered for students in grades 8 through 12. Courses meet UC standards and are approved by WASC. We hold students accountable to the same standards as we do during our normal academic year, so students are expected to demonstrate resourcefulness and self-advocacy.

Our summer school classes are open to students who are not attending The Grauer School full-time. Classes are limited to nine students, so it is important to enroll early. Classes with less than 3 students enrolled will not be offered.

Lab/Science CoursesTimePricingStatus
Chemistry9-12$1225 (1 Semester)
$2450 (2 Semesters)
Physics9-12$1225 (1 Semester)
$2450 (2 Semesters)
Biology9-12$1225 (1 Semester)
$2450 (2 Semesters)
Mathematics CoursesTimePricingStatus
Algebra 19-12$1125 (1 Semester)
$2250 (2 Semesters)
Geometry9-12$1125 (1 Semester)
$2250 (2 Semesters)
Algebra 29-12$1125 (1 Semester)
$2250 (2 Semesters)
Pre-Calculus9-12$1125 (1 Semester)
$2250 (2 Semesters)
History CoursesTimePricingStatus
World History9-12$1025 (1 Semester)
$2050 (2 Semesters)
U.S. History9-12$1025 (1 Semester)
$2050 (2 Semesters)
*A fee of $200 will be added to each semester of any class being taken for honors credit.


Students applying to take a full year of any course for the first time, or any honors-level course, must have a B- or better in both of the past two semesters of that subject area. A copy of the student’s last two report cards must be turned in with the summer school application. Be advised that attending two summer semesters (earning a year’s credit) is extremely demanding, for while it does not match the enrichment of the course that is offered during the school year, the rigor remains the same.

Transfer Credit

Grauer School units are accredited by the WASC. Units are only guaranteed if the student has permission in advance from his/her school guidance office to take the course. Acquiring permission is not the responsibility The Grauer School or any of its representatives. Be mindful when registering as each school or district has its own transfer credit policy, and there may be a cap on transferable units. Transcripts will be mailed to your school one week after completion of course(s). Extra copies of transcripts cost $20 each.

Summer Inquiry Form


Enrollment is limited in all for-credit academic classes. A $75 non-refundable registration fee is required to reserve your space for students new to The Grauer School for all for-credit classes and $20 for week-long camps. Final tuition is due prior to the first day of class. Tuition is non-refundable after classes begin. Checks should be payable to The Grauer School, and mailed with a completed application to:

The Grauer School
Attn: Summer School
1500 So. El Camino Real
Encinitas, CA 92024


The registration fee is non-refundable. Notification of withdraws or changes must be made in writing to the Summer School Director.
There are no refunds after June 2. A refund of 90 percent of the tuition for any course may be obtained prior to June 1, 2014 by written request to Summer School Director Nick Scacco,


The Grauer School reserves the right to cancel a course due to insufficient enrollment. Cancellation of classes will be decided by June 2nd and every effort will be made to find an alternate class selection. If an adequate alternative is not available, a 100% refund will be made including any registration fees.

For any questions, please contact our Summer School Coordinator, Nick Scacco, by filling out this form, calling 760-274-2118, or emailing

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