At The Grauer School, every student has the opportunity to play sports and compete in athletic competitions at both the middle school and high school levels. Athletics at The Grauer School are as unique as The Grauer School itself. Teams are formed from student interest and run entirely by Grauer School staff. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, while we always strive to win, our Athletic program is not built around the reflections of a scoreboard. We believe that the true success of Grauer Sports is shown in the passion, perserverance, and teamwork displayed by our student athletes. Our school’s core values are actively instilled and practiced daily both on and off the court and we allow our actions to do our talking.

The objective of our athletic program is to teach kids about sports, give them a structured environment in which to compete and excel, and understand the joys and responsibilities of being part of a team. We stress fitness, positivity and encouragement, inclusiveness, commitment and fun. We are the Gorillas!!!


PE PhotoPhysical Education
At Grauer, a healthy lifestyle is a primary goal. Students are required to take Physical Education (PE) during middle school. We require three years of PE for high school students, which is one more year than is required by the State of California. Fitness at Grauer incorporates extensive health instruction and a full garden/orchard-to-kitchen experience right on our “green” campus.


Sports Offerings for High School Students
For high school students interested in interscholastic athletics, Grauer partners with Horizon Prep in varsity and junior varsity sports sanctioned by the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF), Division 4.

The Grauer School offers the following sports options for high school students:

Fall Season: Girls Volleyball, Boys & Girls Cross Country
Winter Season: Coed Surf Team, Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Boys Soccer, Coed Archery Team, Boys and Girls Arena Soccer
Spring Season
: Coed Track and Field, Coed Golf, Boys Volleyball, Coed Archery Team


Sports Offerings for Middle School Students
For Grauer’s middle school student-athletes, we have created an opportunity for success beyond the confines of the classroom through our participation in the Independent Middle School League (IMSL). Our no-cut policy means that we are able to provide every student with the opportunity to call themselves an athlete!

The Grauer School offers the following sports for middle school students:

Fall Season: Girls Volleyball, Coed-Flag Football, Cross-Country
Winter Season: Boys Basketball, Girls Soccer, and Coed Archery
Spring Season: Girls Basketball, Coed Track & Field, Boys Volleyball and Boys Soccer


Sports Clubs
Well attended club sports rotate throughout the year depending on student interest. Clubs may include surfing, skateboard, martial arts, yoga, tennis, arena soccer, volleyball, dance, and more.


Independent PE
Students wishing to obtain credit for physical education outside of school may do so with the approval of our Athletic Director.

Emerging and world-class athletes have long sought out The Grauer School for its academic reputation and scheduling flexibility. We work closely with these students to create an independent studies program that accommodates their training schedule. If you are an athlete requiring flexibility along with a college prep education, please contact the Admissions office for details.

Go Gorillas!