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“The Grauer School is an incubator for imaginative, independent minds.
It knows the art of enchanting students with the joys of learning.”
—DK, Friend of The Grauer School

Independent School Redefined

We redefine what a private school looks and feels like. As one of San Diego’s best college prep schools, The Grauer School’s philosophy is unique but simple – to teach and encourage students to become resourceful and compassionate individuals.

Teach and Encourage

Our learning model fosters nurturing relationships between teachers and students. With a best-in-the-area student to teacher ratio of 7:1, teachers know each student’s personality, learning style, strengths, weaknesses and academic objectives.

Students get the support and connection they need, and their input is crucial in setting and achieving academic goals that allow them to distinguish themselves in a way that commands the attention of college admissions officers. Lifetime bonds form.

“In my life, I have never felt more supported and connected.”
—EH, Grauer Alumnus

Why Resourcefulness?

One of the primary tenets of The Grauer School is to develop resourcefulness in our students. Inspirational real-world projects to make the curriculum come alive. On the college path, students learn to view our community and our world as a primary resource which they use to generate knowledge; coming to their own conclusions while integrating texts with experiences makes learning authentic. Grauer’s unique Expeditionary Learning program is community learning at its best.


To become compassionate community members, The Grauer School students and teachers participate in community service projects together throughout the year. Compassion is developed in the following ways:

  • Through ecological and humanitarian service by all teachers and students.
  • Through mutual teacher and student performance evaluations daily.
  • In small classes where teacher/student relationships are fundamental.
  • Through teaching methodologies where students can find individual meaning.
  • By fostering and honoring personal motivation in each student.
  • By creating an exciting, caring and connected campus.

Vision Statement

Our students will find learning exciting, personal, and inspiring for life!

Read the testimonials from our parents, students, educators, and Alumni!

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