Community Involvement

The Grauer School not only strives to provide our student’s with the best possible education but also to maintain a commitment to benefiting our community. Located in beautiful Encinitas, CA, our unwavering strategy is to be a community resource.  We have expanded the community’s knowledge through discovery, scholarship, and service and have reached out with our valuable expertise to fulfill our commitment to public service both locally and globally.


The Grauer School infuses approximately four million dollars per year into our local economy, more than half of that in payroll and benefits, generating the equivalent of approximately 45 local jobs per year.  Our growth has enabled us to add jobs every year for 12 straight years.

Top Educators:

As the city’s only fully college preparatory secondary school, The Grauer School instructs 150 local students, holds over 170 course sections, and awards more than 400 college preparatory course units per year.  Additionally, faculty and staff are active in various influential civic and educational groups.

Lifetime Earnings:

The greatest impact of any school is how its primary product — high-quality education – adds to the productivity of those who receive it.  Alumni unanimously agree that a Grauer School degree increases the earnings of its graduates. More importantly, as alumna Lesley Felton states: “Above all, The Grauer School taught me to be resourceful.”

Financial Aid: Access to Great Education

A critical, long-range mission of The Grauer School is to provide increasingly equitable access to deserving students from our area. This not only makes ethical sense, it serves the strategic and generative vision of the school. Award amounts have consistently risen over the past decade and it is the Board’s intention that this trend continue.

Tax Revenues:

Our graduates are completing college at an extraordinarily high rate.  On average,  a Grauer School graduate will pay the state of California nearly $90,000 more in sales and income tax revenues over a lifetime compared to a public high school graduate.

Educational Partnerships:

The Grauer School is engaged with more than 20 collaborative institutes, foundations, and laboratories that keep North County competitive in everything from education and foreign exchange to coastal ecology and journalism.

Recent Educational Collaborations include:

·         Surfrider Foundation/Blue Water Task Force
·         Scripps Institution of Oceanography
·         San Dieguito Tennis Club
·         San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy
·         San Diego Botanic Gardens
·         Pacific Council Scouts
·         Magdalena Ecke YMCA
·         University of San Diego
·         EDCO Recyclers
·         Somerford Alzheimer’s Center
·         Children’s World Preschool