Paperless Learning: School-wide Technology Plan of Action

by The Grauer School on May 22, 2012

Rationale: For 21 years, The Grauer School has been an educational vanguard. We received first place awards from the I Love a Clean San Diego Foundation seven years in a row, have won a plethora of creative and academic competitions, founded the Coalition of Small Preparatory Schools, and were the first school in California to create an entirely digital yearbook–to name a small few. The Grauer School has been at the forefront of educational and technological advancement since its inception, and in order to further this progress we continue to adapt.  We are now launching our “paperless” high school.  Many schools and almost all colleges have implemented such programs.  Nearly all our students own laptops already, and so making this policy primarily enables teachers to incorporate an array of digital resources in their classrooms, including digital textbooks, online portfolios, and flipped classroom support tools.  The many advantages to incorporating digital textbooks into the curriculum at The Grauer School include interactive functionality, portability, cost-efficiency, environmental resource conservation, and increased manageability.  Through the surveying of our entire School we have found that nearly all of our students favor our laptop proposal and are well equipped.  However, while many of our students already bring their laptops to school, the infrastructure is not currently in place to allow them to fully utilize their laptops.  We intend to change that, and in doing so increase our student’s college preparedness, enable student digital portfolios, increase digital literacy, and eliminate issues of compatibility.

Policy:  Starting the 2012-2013 academic year, all students are expected to bring laptop computers to all classes which will largely replace textbooks and paper portfolios.  By completing our online scholarship program, eligible families will be able to get loaner laptops.

Thanks:  We thank a wide array of student, faculty and expert contributors for the development of a successful action plan, and we invite your inquiries on any aspects of this plan.  Email and .

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