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by The Grauer School on March 5, 2012

In this young millennium, the challenge is not just to resist fears coming from all directions, but to be personally strong, every one of us, in creating the changes we hope for.

Eating locally grown food does a whole lot more than just eliminating E. coli outbreaks, long term refrigeration, and unnecessary trucking and shipping:  The average food travels 1500 miles to get to your table; might be exotic, but it’s also nonsensical!  Local foods, produced inside 50 or 100 miles of us, strengthen us in critical ways.  We support our local community, and appreciate the incredible climate we are blessed with.  We support genetic diversity in our crops rather than adding to the proliferation of monocrops.  We nourish the local land rather than paving it.  Workers from outmoded industry can move on to the business of energy efficient production.   This is not political, although it does represent a return to traditional sensibility.

At Grauer, we owe it to our kids to model for them the notion that food is what grows out of the ground, even if it comes covered in tiny critters rather than pesticides, shrinkwrap and aluminum cans.  Most important, locally grown, seasonal food gives us the nutrients we need to be healthy right here in our home climate.  Foods both picked and eaten at the height of ripeness are packed with nutrients and more flavorful.

We are proud to host JR Organics, which delivers incredibly fresh, organic, locally grown food to Grauer weekly.  Their produce really lasts in your refrigerator, too—you don’t know “fresh” until you have sampled it.  We want you in this program!  It’s more than just great health, it’s great education and, like all great education, it creates a better, more prosperous future.  (And wait till you hear this:  “crunch …”)


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