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by The Grauer School on October 30, 2012

“Dr. Grauer with Shanghai Gezhi High School Communist Party Leader: Waining Influence?”

From October 22 through October 31, I traveled to China as a part of a small delegation of U.S. independent school heads, on the recommendation of the California Association of Independent Schools and at the personal invitation and grant of the Ameson Foundation for International Cultural and Educational Exchange. The Ameson Foundation is 450 people strong in China and their unparalleled access and resources afforded me a glimpse into Chinese education that would have been impossible even a decade ago. For the benefit of those interested, I have prepared this as a blog posting. Perhaps uncharacteristically for me and largely owing to the collaboration of Gene Bratek, Headmaster of a Charleston, SC Episcopal school, I provide this journal of a fascinating engagement to you all neat, in un-editorialized detail, or at least as much so as I am capable.

Read the full article here.


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Ralph Miller November 2, 2012 at 11:05 am

Dr Grauer,

Thank you for sharing your journal with us. Unfortunatly microsoft works does not open it. It says that it might be corrupt or in an unsupported format. Can you help me? If a hard copy is the best solution, please have one left in the front office, and I will pick it up.

Thank you,

Ralph Miller


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