9th Grade Matriculation Ceremony

by Dr. Stuart Grauer on November 27, 2012

Our matriculation policy reads: “Students need four courses or more in order to stay on a course of study toward graduation.  Non-matriculated students are not eligible for graduation or school events and ceremonies except by special invitation and administrative approval.”

Funny how far such policy statements stray from what is really important. Matriculation is a whole lot more than a number of courses. Matriculation is an esteemed, traditional ceremony.

In the formal English traditions at the universities in Oxford and Cambridge, the term is used for the ceremony at which new students are entered into the register (in Latin, matricula) of the university, at which point they become members of the university. Students wear academic dress and enter in a formal procession.

The Grauer School matriculation is less formal, but no less meaningful. By ceremony and tradition, early each year, all our new freshmen are inducted into our high school full course of study towards graduation. We honor our new freshmen who embark upon perhaps the most memorable, life-changing period of their life: the high school years. So far as we know, we are the only school in the area to honor this milestone.

Our matriculation ceremony is beautiful. Key faculty and admin don their caps and gowns and introduce each new freshman class member. We want to give them a great send off into the phenomenal world of high school. They will need to be courageous to succeed in our program. We want them to understand that these may be the most memorable, most formative years of their lives. And we want them to understand that our faculty and staff will be with them one hundred percent, all the way through the inevitable trials they will have as new adults in a complex world. In fact, in an important sense, to us, matriculation means that we are establishing a lifelong connection with them. That adds up to a whole lot more than registering them in four or more classes!

At our short but significant ceremony, The Grauer School faculty and administration call upon each new high school student to maintain the highest standards for ethics and academic integrity, and we pledge in return to provide each of them with the full measure of our support.

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