Welcome to The Grauer School

There is no other school like Grauer. We offer a college preparatory education in a humanitarian environment with unparalleled student support, outside-of-class learning, leadership opportunities, and Mastery Learning. We give your children the finest programs in academics, arts, athletics and leadership, in an intimate and safe setting of just 150 students in grades 6 through 12.

Values hold a prime place in The Grauer School’s day-to-day practices.  The school holds humanitarianism as a core value, and we find that our students average over 100 hours community service before graduating.  Compassion is our watchword – for one another, for our environment, and for all.  Our renowned Expeditionary Learning program provides students with meaningful challenges worldwide.

We believe that motivation to succeed should come from within. So our instructional aim is to create a positive, enriching, and Socratic academic environment where students’ efforts and attitudes help them shape and achieve their personal goals.

We are leaders in the nation’s Small Schools Movement, which holds that students will have a better academic experience if their school environment offers close bonding opportunities with peers and teachers. Our optimal size allows us to offer unrivaled academic and personal opportunities — opportunities that have become increasingly hard to find.