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    For 26 years, we've been proving that our deeply engaged, connected small school can achieve what a large impersonal one can't. Come visit. You'll see.
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    The Grauer School is the leader when it comes to balancing expeditionary and Socratic learning with appropriate college preparatory rigor.
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    Find out why 93% of our Class of 2016 were accepted into their top choice colleges.

Welcome to The Grauer School

We are a small, private school with a deep understanding of human development, every one of our faculty members appreciates that it takes more than acing tests to be successful in life. It takes connection and engagement. It takes great relationships and mentoring, and this is where Grauer excels by every measure.

Our program is dedicated to nurturing individuals who are not afraid to pursue passions (even if impractical). Our students ask tough questions, and commit to deeply held core values. We honor students who challenge themselves equally in the classroom and afield. Our faculty and students understand the daily tradeoffs great schools make in order to balance academic interests with extracurricular leadership, curiosity, and personal growth.

It is nice not being just a test score anymore - character is what counts the most.
All schools should be like this.

Janice S., parent

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Monday, January 23
    • Monday, January 23

      Leadership Team Meeting, 3:15pm
      3:15 pm - 4:15 pm
      More details...

    • Monday, January 23

      High School Soccer vs. The Monarch School, 3:30pm
      3:30 pm - 5:30 pm
      More details...

Thursday, January 26
    • Thursday, January 26

      Boys MS Basketball game vs. Encinitas Country Day
      3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
      More details...

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